In this “Photos” section we show a few dozen of the hundreds of photographs that have been taken over the years at the CSCM (and its predecessor CBMTS) Congresses. The sample includes presenters, posters, panels, audiences, banquets & associated entertainment, professional exercises & technical demonstrations, and of course the lovely settings of the Congresses in Switzerland, Croatia, and the Republic of Georgia.

At every CSCM Congress, we set aside time for a technical demonstration to allow special forces teams, government emergency response teams, first responders, and technical equipment vendors to demonstrate their reactions to a planned scenario simulating a CBRNE event. The organizers are very grateful for the efforts and donated time and equipment and resources made by those participants to make these exercises as real as possible.

The following video clips show several exercises in Croatia in 2009, 2015, and 2018 where Croatian special police and first responders worked with equipment vendors to simulate responses to a chemical fire and to neutralize perpetrators and an imminent biological agent release by removing a suspect vehicle.

The next series of photographs was taken where a Georgian counterterrorism team neutralizes a terrorist threat at a biological laboratory while carefully ensuring that any danger of a release of biological material was minimized.

The remaining photographs were taken at other exercises over the past 15 years from sites in Switzerland, Croatia, and the Republic of Georgia and depict law enforcement, special forces, first responders, and emergency management responders, as well as equipment and personnel at mobile and brick & mortar facilities.

Over the past twenty-five years, hundreds of presentations have been made at CSCM Congresses by government officials, first responders, equipment vendors, technical professionals and scientists from more than 50 countries and discussing CBRNE issues from different perspectives and viewpoints.  Below is a small sample of presentations representing the breadth of topics and expertise reflected in those presentations.