CBRNe Science and Consequence Management World Congress

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On July 27, 1377 Dubrovnik implemented a quarantine for sailors from "suspicious lands." During the COVID-19 pandemic, access to Dubrovnik once again was restricted. In 2023 you will not need to quarantine to enter Dubrovnik. It is time to get out and explore the world again!
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CBRNE Science and Consequence Management
It has been four years since the CSCM congress last met.
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The CBRNe Science and Consequence Management (CSCM) Congress has a long history.  CSCM has included the participation of nearly 2,000 high-ranking scientists and professionals from the fields of medicine, toxicology, biochemical sciences, physics, and bio-technology, as well as representatives from the military and policy-making communities from nearly 50 countries involved in preventing the spread of knowledge and technology concerning weapons of mass destruction. Topics have included: approaches, methodologies, and systems of detection, identification of CBR substances, personal and collective protection, decontamination, evaluation of possible consequences, and medical treatment in the event of a CBRNe threat and/or occurrence.

CSCM 2023

CSCM World Congress will be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia 23-27 October 2023

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